Comedy is tragedy that happens to other people.

I'm a 24-year-old Southerner with a BA in English Literary Studies. Femme, bisexual, feminist, and a rape survivor. If you want to know more, check out my About Me or just ask.

I’m finally wearing my Christmas present from Nicole and I fucking love it. ALSO, this pink lip gloss makes me feel like a 90’s teen dream. If y’all are wondering, that’s Mother’s room—her mirror is a bit cleaner.

Y’all have seen every single one of these, but here are my fave selfies 2k13—captions included. 2013: The Year I Barely Left My Bedroom.As a bonus, a reminder of my power created by Sarah/durnesque-esque:

I am the blood of the dragon and I am coming for you in 2014.

I’ve adored The Head and the Heart’s “Rivers and Roads” for quite a while, but I finally worked up the nerve to cover it. It’s pretty low and definitely not a perfect imitation of the original, but I’ve finally got it out of my system. Hope y’all like it!

On a chilly day in December 1989 a woman and her husband were on the way to Tulsa for the husband’s business trip. Halfway there, the woman urged him to pull over. The growth she had assumed was the return of her cancer had begun kicking. The couple decided they should probably go to the doctor.

The woman went to Mother’s house on Christmas Eve. She was finally armed against the barrage of comments she’d been receiving from her family members about her sudden pudginess—the doctor had informed her she was 6 months pregnant. The couple’s 15 year old son was going to have a sibling, a child they’d been told was not possible.

The couple’s “Miracle Baby” was born 95 days later.

On her first Christmas, the little girl’s black velvet outfit foreshadowed years of fashion choices:

Merry Christmas from the Miracle Baby herself—me.

This color is called “Wannabe” and that’s how I feel in pink lipstick because I no longer know how to handle anything but red. Shout-out to Virginia Woolf looming in the background.

I’m well-versed in bitchcraft. I was worried I’d bust out of that corset giving out candy, so I switched into a peplum top. Hope y’all had a great Halloween!

Until AHS: Coven ends, I will celebrate Witchy Wednesday by going full femme and getting gussied up in all black. 


I finally made the video! Here’s “House of the Rising Sun” for y’all. 

I finally made the video! Here’s “House of the Rising Sun” for y’all.